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JOIPLAC  was born from an idea, a dream, in the Capital of Cava, Sant Sadurní d'Anoia by the hand of the jeweler Jordi  Lecegui. It is backed by 24 years of experience  since  he founded his own jewelry store. Over the years it has been able to observe and offer customers all kinds of exclusive, original and innovative pieces in the jewelry sector.
As he says in his own words, “I live  in the capital of Cava, it is my home, jewelry is my passion and I have always wanted to be able to create and present the jewel of cava,  the only one,  the exclusive, the one that identifies and represents us.  We have exceptional cavas, and plates with original and elegant designs, so why not combine it with a pendant or a keychain? "  After  of months working  of brave  we can present  the only one  exclusive piece and registered as the Jewel of Cava.

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The design of Joiplac is designed and made exclusively by Lecegui jewelers, this design is designed to achieve countless possibilities in a single pendant changing only the plate of cava, with this comfortable and simple system we can give the look we want according to the occasion , so you can always wear it as you deserve. All Joiplacs are made of sterling silver or gold, with exceptional finishes as a result of the passion and dedication of personalized jewelry. In short, a versatile and elegant jewel, made in a semi-artisan way in our house.

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In order to make your joiplac even more special, you can order it with a custom engraving on the back, which we will do at no additional cost. If you wish, we can also send it wrapped as a gift with our characteristic packages. All joiplacs are delivered with case.

We can always go further! Apart from engraving, we can custom-make 100% exclusive Joiplacs with a very special design: Your own brand.

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Joiplac specially designed for Vilarnau wineries

with the company logo.


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